Sunday, 6 May 2018

Through the Looking Glass

An hour ago I was at my office desk. Now Stargazer has slipped through the marina lock, like Alice through her looking glass, into the wondrous weekend world of the river.

We beat downstream, on the ebb, our weekday cares left tossing in our wake. An amphibious, chimeral, landscape - part land part water - rises around us as the tide recedes.

We settle for the night, among the geese and gulls, in 'our' spot at the head of Sharfleet Creek.

A molten sun glides toward the gently undulating Kent horizon. Its long shadows pick out the ever shifting line between slick estuarine mud and rippling river water.

The creek comes to life, as I breakfast in the cockpit on a sun filled Saturday morning. I watch the comings.....

....and goings in a dreamlike state, suspended between sleep and wakefulness.

Stargazer pirouettes gently around her anchor chain, with a rumble and a clank, bringing me out of my reverie, commanding attention. The tide has turned. The first cats-paws of a summer sea breeze are padding across the still anchorage towards us. It is time to make sail.

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